2013. december 27., péntek

Christmas ! ✦

Hey bunnies! ♥ 
Ahw, yes, we're finally survived the christmas misery (AWWW YEAAA), so now i have stuff and pictures to post them here haha
Just some pictures and else:
 Eh lol

Got these cuties from my fliffyfluffypuffycutie gyarugal, Gina ♥
She's so creative and talented ;; ♥
Thank you bb ♥

And, from my uncles i've got gift vouchers, so I went today to get my stuff haha lol
I started the tour at the tally weijl to buy a dress for new year's eve, but it seemed like they already didn't have the dress that i saw there earlier... i'm so sad, now i have no idea what to wear at the party :((
despite this of course i bought a fluffy cutie pinky warm sweater to make myself happy :D
Then we went to the Alexandra bookshop and after 30 minutes of searching (for mom: suffering) i've decided to buy these.
The first one is Lestat, the Vampire by Anne Rice, I've rread it before but I need this book in my room. In my life ♥ lol :D So, yepp, this is my favorite one from the Vampire Chronicles, Lestat's caharacter is a bit like mine ( of course he is so much more awesome and fantastic and wonderful and - ok, so, than me ) so he is my favorie. And Marius. And Armand. And - ok, i finish it :D:D:D:D:D (I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Anne is surely a genius. I love her characters)
The second one is a classical one, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. We all know him and his legendary Sherlock, I'm just in love with it, there's no need to say more ♥ ♥ ♥
Aaaand, the third one is about Sherlock Holmes too, by Andrew Lane. His Sherlock is 14 years old, and shows you the beginning of his path. I really like the character of the young Sherlock, it's really adorable. Can't wait to read it ♥

Xmas pics:
me with stepmother ♥

Bonus shitty shit just for fun, k
loooooooool me

Goodby babies, I'm comin' back soon!


2013. december 14., szombat

I have no life and I'm proud of it! - lolno

Hi babybunnies! 
It's just a quick post for you to leave a mark here that shows i'm alive lol. 
I'm so sorry, i know that i promised things that i still haven't done, but i promise again, i'll come back and bring interesting topics, cool hairstyles, inspiring pictures and flawless make ups to you, rigth after this insanity come to its end. I'm talking about Christmas, yes, our duo performance, New Year's Eve, studying to get better results in school and else.
Of course, I bought a lot of new clothes, accessories, and body, face & haircare items, I mean, really a LOT of them, so I can't show you all, but, there are some of my recent buys:
My new coat! 
It's  a bit short, I mean, I better like long coats for winter, because if the wheater is colder than 20 celsius, i'm freezing, lol
I found it at claire's and honestly i really shouldn't buy this one, because there are still some friends that i haven't bought present for yet, but whatever, this little cute poop is my new love (fuck you jaejoong i'm in love with this, k)
And finally i get this ... bun...bubble. wtfisthis, whatever, so i bought this thing to make a perfect bun, k. :D
aaaand, i found  i mean my dearest Denny found these lovely rubber rings for me. the flower is just the crown on the top of my wannabe-perffffffff bun haha
and my mommy suprised me with these big golden earrings, i love them, they're perfectly match with the bracelet that i got from Nudi, and the golden, studded cross ah ♥ #lifeisperfect
My new foundation (that almost reached its end.... RIP babe ♥) and my gorgeous and flower-smell rose red lipstick.
I ordered these trough my classmate, who's selling oriflame items, she'sabusinesswoman,lol , and i'm surprisingly very satisfied with them!
the foundation is perfect, match my skin color, it's not too fluent, gives a fine skin for everydays, and it's comfortable to wear. the only problem is maybe that it's a bit shiny for a few moments after you applied it onto your skin, but it dissappears lately.. I used it in the past month, and it's not a big tube so i think i should buy a new one.
So, from the left to the right:
Bodylotion with honeydew melon smell and with golden sparkles, i love it!, shampoo for dyed blonde hair, a few facemasks to problematic, sensible skin,
(down) new waterproof mascara by essence ( I love it!!!!!! it's pefect, and waterproof for real, and make my eyelashes look 3 times bigger!) NYC invisible lipgloss (it's got a mint flavour and makes a cold and a bit spiky feeling on your lips, i think it makes your lips look plumper . lovethistoo)
a skin-finish powder by NYC, i like it too, perfect for everydays, it's matching to my really white skin, but makes me look less pale than i am, so it's worth its price, and
finally, my totally cute rubber ring with that ribbon on it! the ribbon has little cherries on it, i'm dying out bcuz of cuteness lol
 Aaaaaand, here are my new nails! I'm totally in love with them, they are super lovely and sparkling hah ♥ Perfect for i'm-not-wearing-gyaru-makeup-everyday-but-i'm-still-a-gyaru gyarus :D:D:D:D

Lol I just ound this shit and it hought it's cute, whatever :D:D
another outfit picture
 I love those heels! ♥ 

A little Christmas feeling, and The City, with night lights. ♥ 

i'll come back, i promise, wait for me ♥ 

ps.: i think i'm in love with Tom Hiddleston.
k, k, don't look at me like this, i -i--ijust --- i've just stucked in the world of marvel movies, k
i know, but please forgive me foreverything, and


2013. november 9., szombat

♥ My idols/inspirations ♥

Hi bunnyboos! 
I think it's time (to let this diiiiieeeeee~~ - lol no) to introduce you my favorite artists, musicians, models who are my role models and/or who give me most of my inspiration in fashion, in dancing, and else.

I think everyone needs a hero, because the path is hard and long, and sometimes you feel you can't do it, or just need some more inspiration to exactly get to know what do to, and what you want. I don't mean it's bad if you are inspired only by yourself and you don't need help and idols to reach your goals, it's just ... easier? Not really, but well, i just can't express myself today, lol, idk And i think, if you have a role model infront of you, you also learn to respect someone for her/his talent and work. It's good.
So, now, no more never-ending sentence.
Here they are:

Let's begin with my one and only real role-model,
 Jung Yunho.
Of course he's my idol mostly because of dance, what is his real talent, but not only that. As some of you already know, dance is my life, and i want to be a coreographer, and be member of a really good dance group - so that's why he's inspiring and 'encouraging' me this much. But as I said, there are other reasons too, like his personality. I mean, of yours,e I don't know him in personal, but I see him as a very kind, polite, helpful, ambitious, talented person, who's also a perfect leader type. As all of you know, there are lot of shit that happens to stars, to idols, but he's still kind with his fans, polite with other people, also can be very humorous, helps his dongsaeng, and support them just like he support his group members, give advices to them, and  care about them. He's a very good leader, always does that is the best for the group, not just for himself, he's responsible and respectful. He's never sniffy or scornful, he's just kind and polite.
Just to talk about his dance skill, he's really a genius. He's in love with dance everytime he's on the stage, enjoying it and living in his moves. He's just really perfect. Someone from Make your move's cast said that Yunho is the first person who's a genius in dancing like Michael Jackson, that he saw. This person also said that Yunho is very hard-working, and it was very easy and enjoyable to work with him.:)
So, honestly, I really want to become like Yunho, to be professional in dancing, and be a better person, and be as strong as he is.
All I want to say to him, if I'll meet him in real, is a big thank you! ♥

Next topic is:
Inspirations in Gyaru

So, there are lot of models and bloggers, who are inspiring me, and i love them, but my biggest gyaru idol is Rina Sakurai, aka Sakurina! ♥ I love her style very much, she's still an 'oldschool' gyaru,  with that very strong and dark make up, and i also like her 'basic' gyaru clothes. You know, neon color, lace, belts, and golden chains, and things like that. I just adore her! ♥

But there are more like:
Nana Suzuki, who is really cute, and fashionable and adorable and alskdjakldla...

And (of course) Tsubasa Masuwaka. I know, it's mainstream, everyone loves her, but i can't do anything with it, if she's awesome and cute, then she is, i have to admit it. Also love Milky Bunny, but idk if it's just her stage name, or she has a band. (?) Well, whatever. She's awesomely cute.

And here's my two favorite gyaru bloggers who are inspiring me a lot too:
Her name is Natsu, and she's a hungarian gyaru. I don't know her in personal yet, but we talked for a few times, she's really kind and helpful, and also has a good sense of humor.:D I love her style, mostly the make up, her advices helped me a lot to make my own make up style in gyaru.

And the last one is Jojo, who's a gyaru from the Netherlands.  I just found her blog a few months ago, but i'm already in love with her style, and she also seem to be very kind. I love her entries, and stlye, and she's always so pretty ! ♥
I commend you tou follow her blog (and also Natsu's ~ ).
I don't think that you didn't know these persons, I just wanted to show you my insprations in my biggest addictions: dancing & gyaru

Who are your favorites? :) 



Hi bunnies! 
I just saw this lolita dress on Tumblr, and seriously, I haven't feel this toward a lolita dress since a long time ago, so I'm also very surprised, and also happy to get interested in lolita fashion again. It's not like that I don't like the style lately, I just didn't have the mood to wear lolita dresses and look exactly like a rococo princess, but I still did/do like it on others. But now!, it's my time in lolita style again :D
Oh, yes, and the dress because of this post was made:

It's Rose du Reve OP from Juliette et Justine !
Honestly, this dress is simply perfect, I feel like want to wear it every day, I want it soooo bad!

Look at those roses, and that perfect frilly ribbon on the waist! I'm also in love with it's color, even i don't know what kind of blue is this, lol :D Maybe royal blue? Idk

How the lace covers the undersirkt and also the frills in the bottom of the dress, and the bell shape in the end of the sleeve (idk how can i say it in english, loool. i can't express myself :DDD)
I'm crazy about this dresssss~~ ! ♥ 

Wearing it by a model. She's beautiful and looks very nice in this dress, but it admittely rather would look perfect on me ! :DDDDD - I know you all admit it don't dare to deny it lovebugs -


2013. október 28., hétfő

Daily OUTFIT ♥

 Hi bunnies! ♥
No, it's not the post about the shooting yet, but i'm here with two gyaru coords, that I love. :3
Honestly, latetly I've been trying to wear pretty, girlish (!) and mostly gyaru-like clothes in the everydays, in the school too, so  I should made more outfit pictures, but I usually forget it in the mornings, or I just don't have time to take one.:( So now I only have 2 to show you, but at least I have lol Check it:
I got my foxtail last week nyaha  ♥
This is the outfit that I wore at the Halloween Lolita meet. I didn't have the mood to wear lolita, so I decided to go as a gyaru. I loved the outfit, and the lolitas also liked it ^-^

Shirt: New Yorker
Shorts: H&M
Thigh socks: Calzedonia
Boots: noname store in Austria
Foxtail: Ebay
Necklaces: the cross from Claire's and the winged one is handmade by a lolita
Rings: C&A

Sorry I don't have gyaru make up on recently
This is my outfit for today :3 I very like it, cuz it's girlish and cool too :3

Shirt: Promod
Shorts: H&M
Boots: Deichmann (catwalk)
Necklace: Claire's

I'm planning on to do an 'oldschool' gyaru makeup tutorial, cuz it seems like even the gyarus being more natural nowadays, but I better like the stronger, and darker make ups,  and I hope some of you feel like this too so I'll make it soon :) Wait for it please! ♥

Another preview pic from the MINE shooting:

Hope you liked this post!
Take care!


2013. október 27., vasárnap

Kim Jaejoong/MINE inspired photoshoot preview

Hi bunnies!
Finally we made the shoot that I told you about before. I got the pictures yesterday, but they are not edited yet, so I decided to show you just a little preview. :)
I enjoyed the shooting a lot, and Jana is still an awesome photographer, I love her work! :)
Please read my post about the shooting in the future, i'll tell you a lot more about it, and i'll share lot of pics! :)

ps: Tell me if you want a tutorial for this make up! :)

I'll be back soon!


2013. október 16., szerda

2013. október 10., csütörtök

GANGURO MAKE UP step by step

Hi bunnies!
I'm back and I made a ganguro make up 'tutorial' for you. It was so weird to apply 3-4 tones darker foundation and powder on my face, and I also was afraid of looking creepy in the end, but I think it doesn't looks that bad. I think I'll try it again at a Mondo or Anime Con or at an event like these  :)
Let's see!
I hope it helps to make your own ganguro make up. You can apply stickers, little fake flowers, or little strasses under your eyes if you want, or you can also use a vibrant eyeshadow color, like orange, pink, if you don't like 'panda-eyes'. This is just a base, that you can build on! :)

The products I used: 

A few more pics: 

Some tips: 
  •  If you use your lightest foundation or concealer on the top of the dark base on your nose and around your eyes, the white powder/eyeshadow's color will be stronger and it'll stay longer on your face! 
  •  I put on concelear, that white powder on my lips before i applied the lipstick and lipgloss. The color will be more lighter and also stays longer. :)
  • +1. If you want to go out in ganguro make up, don't forget to apply bronzainer or the dark foundation, that you used on your face, onto your neck and chest, or you would look hilarious. :)
Make up monster, lol 
And, as always, music for you guys:

I LOVE THIS!! I'll surely learn the dance, this is epic !!! :D ♥
I hope you liked this post! :)


2013. október 9., szerda


Hi babies! 
I'm here with a big-big haul post as i promised. ^^ I bought a lot of things, because there are very great sales everywhere, and the cold weather has also arrived, so I needed some new stuffs, like coat and boots, you know. :) I made a shop list, so there are some things on it still, like new foundation/BB Cream, mascara and a powder, but I'll buy it in close time.
Now let's start!
Firstly, my absolutely lovely high heeled boots! I got these from my stepmother, she's so kind! 
Honestly, I wanted this because we planned to dance BEG's Kill Bill on the MondoCon, and it's exactly that western style that the girls wears in the clip. Unfortunately we had  not performed that song, and I didn't wear them at our performance, but I still love it, it's so pretty and comfortable! ^-^
These are from Deichmann, and costed 9900 HUF.
I bought 8 T-shirts at New Yorker, because one only costed 290 HUF (!!!)(it's like 1$). I have worn two of them already, so I couldn't take a picture of them, but one of them is a large white T-shirt with small skulls on it, and the other one is a simple apple green t-shirt.
I got the high-waisted pants from my grandma, they're super pretty and comfortable, but I only can wear them with boots because it looks a bit strange on my shin, like it's too large or something. Whatever, i love it :D
 Also from the 290 HUF category.
 Aaand, I saw this coat it last week, and I fell in love, so my grandma sent money for me to buy it ~~~ Thanks granny, I love it so much! ♥ My size is M, but I bought the XL sized one, cuz I'm always freezing if the temperature is lower than 15 °C so I can wear even 5 sweaters and/or hoodies if I want and I won't cold no matter what. Muhahahahaha
It's from New Yroker too, and it's price was 9990 HUF.
I also wanted a big fluffy, soft scarf, so I bought this one in the Asia Center where I went on last Thursday with my team-mate, Nudi. It's price was 1500 HUF.
I'm sure that you guys already knew this, but I say it to you once more: there are a buy 2 get 3 sale in the claire's (!), so I bought those two necklaces, and the ribbon-ring, and cuz of the awesome sale, the price of these awesome stuff only was 1600 HUF. Anyway, I was with my dear friend, Denny, and her nickname was ZombieDenny for years, so she said I must bought it because of her, lol :D (OF COURSE HONEY, I LUWW YOU ! ♥ :D)
The gorgeous earrings are from New Yorker too (surprisee! :D), and I fell in love with them at first sight, and it was so useful, cuz it's match perfectly with my blue blazer, and was a part of my Xiah 'cosplay'. lol I mean, I did his solo dance named Fever from his Tarantallegra album, and I wanted to make an outfit inspired by that for the performance.
Random pic of my stuff lol ♥
I also bought new false lashes in the Asia Center :) The old ones are boring... Lol, now I have a huge falsie collection, I love them! :D There are no place in the bathroom cabinet for more falsies,  lol :| But it seems like we'll order Dolly Wink lashes, cuz it's way much cheaper if we order a lot of them. :3 And I won a contest by Wonderland Lens Shop, so I'll get sparkling Showmix lenses with 50% off from the original price. :3 I'm so happy I've never won anything until this owo Thank you, girls~ ! ♥

I'm ill again, so I have time, thus I'm planning to do a ganguro make up, and maybe a tutorial of it too tomorrow. :3 I hope you'll look forward to it ! ^^

And now, music for you:

I saw this at the Mondocon, and I loved it owo Luckily my friend remembered the name of the band, so I could find it at home ~3~
Oh, yes, anyone knows the name of the pretty singer? :D Let me know, I love him! :D

I'm coming back soon bunnies~ , take care! ♥


2013. október 4., péntek

ShoujoRoom Generation - 少女たちよ ~ ⎣Shoujotachi yo ~ ⎤

Hi bunnies!
I know, I know, I haven't posted anything cool stuff, hauls, or makeup or sumthin, but I'm really very busy, I mean I don't even have time to eat :| So, yes, but trust me, I'll be back with a lot of haul, and make up an outfit post and so much more. But until then, watch this retarded and funny and weird awesome vid about us!


2013. szeptember 27., péntek

SRG live at Cosplay Expo & Weekend

Hi bunnies!
It's been so long ( lol I always start my posts like thisXDDDD), and I don't have anything to write about yet, but I make this deal with it. lol
Sooo, we had a live at Cosplay Expo on Saturday. It was soooo hard for us, because our leader and also a lot of our members was ill. And we had to make a brand  new formation in the choreography, cuz it seemed like our leader can't come to the performance. They took me into her place in the choreos so I was freaking out, but luckily she could come. Unfortunately we had to do only those dances that we debuted with, but at least it was cool. Our next 'live' will be hold on October 6th at the Mondocon. Come and see our performance, and take cute photos with us! :3 ♥
So, pictures:
After School/Flashback - Prolusion at the stage!
A black and white pciture, the same choreo :3 I love this one, even I look so terrible on this. I almost fell down lol.
 Discussion circle :3
Maknae-line ♥

I don't get the pictures and the video of the performance yet, so I can't show them to you, but if I get them, i'll update this post! ^^

Our "talk it out"-circle after the live:
We were tired and had to talk things out, but I think it's so much better now for everyone ♥

We've met with Alice Avery, who's a hungarian cosplayer,  and also a circle lens seller. Our other leader, Gee is friends with her since a long time, and I also know her from the fb group Living doll hungary, and I ordered my lenses from her too. So, we've met her, and talked and made fun a lot, aaand of course took silly pictures, lol :D
Me, Renna, and Alice
Eööööeeeh... Adventure time style! :D I thought everyone was making the same face as me... Well, no. :( I'm the derp again :( ( I don't feel sorry at all! TrollderpChun is my master bitchez! :D)
SRG's gyaru line, aka Gee and me! :3
nyo, i love you bunny ♥
Gee was sooo beautiful, just like a princess ;3;♥
After our 2nd performance we went to the WestEnd to get bubble tea, with my friend (she stayed at my place at the weekend), Gee, Avery, Renna, Vivi and ( ok, i know, i was hating it but omg these girls got me to love it), and were talking a lot, but the time spent by so fast so we had to gone home to take a shower, get dressed up, do new makeup and drink something before we go to the Nippon groove, so Gee , and Anni ( my friend) came home with me. :3 We drank a bottle of champagne lol.
The party was... forgetable. :D  I was so tired already about 1 AM so we came home so early :/ I felt sorry for Anni because I guess she would stay there for a few hours  but she had to came home with me. I'm sorry babe, maybe next time :(
And, - of course -, on Sunday morning I felt so horrible, but not bcuz of hangover ( I didn't drink that much) but I had a very strong sore throat so I couldn't even go to the photoshoot. :/ We have to find a new date for it... So since i couldn't go to anywhere,  we watched a lot of DBSK vids and pictures, so it suddenly became a cassiopeia day LOL It was so cool, fangirling with someone, not alone this time :D
Today I'm not going to school, i'm oficially ill, so i can't go (muhahahahaha!). I'm so tired and also feel kinda sad, and i want to go to sleep, but before it I have to make our next outfit options - I'm the stylist of the group, yay! ♥

I'm leaving now, take care!