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Blonde hair and gyaru makeup with lower lashes

Hii, babies! :)
Omg, my last post was published 11 days ago.. I'm sorry!
So, i wanted to show you, that i've dyed my hair again... I know, it's very bad for my hair's health, but i couldn't stand that haircolor anymore that i had.. It was so orange-like.. brrr. And my firend's daddy also called me a redhead, so i really really had to dye again...
Here's the picture:
 (This is the real color of my hair, on the other pictures it looks like much more darker.) I love it! :3 I think I'll dye it once more then i hope i'll get the color that i want.:) What do you think? I think the blonde fits me better than the black/dark brown :)
this face, lol
 Aaaaand, my lower lashes has finally arrived the day before yesterday! ♥ I'm still a bit clumsy with them, i don't really know how to put them on, but i hope if i'll use them more i'll become better at it:) Anyways, it looks really pretty, i think my makeup is so much more gyaruish with 'em. But, what's your opinion, cuties? :) Thanks to Alice Avery, who has ordered the lashes for me ~

I got this dress from Eva, who's my stepmother. ♥ It isn't looks so pretty, but if i wear, trust me, it really does!:) I love its collar with those little gold pearls, so lovely~
And I advise to you to look round in New Yorker, H&M, Tezenis, etc., cuz there are so many big sales! :) This dress was (we bought this in NewYorker) so cheap too, only 1500 HUF, which is around 7$ :)

you're from the '70s, but i'm a '90s, bitch! 

kisses&hugs bitchz ♥

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