2013. június 2., vasárnap

Rokku gyaru hairstyle for short hair in 5 minutes

I decided to write some posts in english, cuz i have seen the statistics, and i have readers from the USA, Germany, France and etc. too, so they also can understand what i'm talking about. :) But my english is very bad now, i have forgotten a lot, sorry about that, haha
My friend Ahrin  (follow her, she's got awesome stuff ) has done this hairstyle for me last summer, and it's very easy but very pretty and cool. Perfect for gyaru as well! If you have long hair you can curl your hair ends, so you'll be cute and cool in the same time :)
Separate your hair into 3-4 sections on the left or right side of your head. If you're done, pick a thin lock, and start to twist it, while gradually adding more hair to the curl to keep it close to your headskin.  Repeat this until you get that lenght that you want, and if you're done fix it with a rubber ring. Do the same with the others too! :) If you want add little hairclips or roses, bows or anything you like, if you don't want people to see the rubber rings.

I hope you liked it!

kisses&hugs bitchz

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