2013. július 30., kedd

Daily outfit

Hi babies! :)
It's just an outfit post for today, but you guys said that you like these kind of stuff, so here's the outfit and makeup that I wore yesterday.
Blouse: from a butique at the Váci street
Shorts: New Yorker
Earpierces: Swarowski and H&M
(Face expression: idunno,from another planet or galaxy or something, srsly, dafuck is that face xd)

And the make-up. I used the pink Super Nudy lenses. :)

And I have to talk now, lol, so i'm telling you that I've met with a friend whom I didn't talk with since a long time, and before the meetup I felt so awkard and oh-my-god-what-can-we-even-say-to-each-other.. But I enjoyed the time with her, we laughed a lot (as always.:DDDD we are really handicapped together, omg XDDD) and suddenly we decided to write a roleplay/fanfiction, both of us are cassies and YunJae shippers, so I'm Jaejoong now bitchez! :DDDDDDDD (omg i love that bissh♥)
And theeen, my another friend, Denny, whom I mentioned before in my previous post, texted me to go to her place and have a sleepover, cuz she's 'alone'. So I just get home to take some clothes and toothbrush with me, and I was already on my way.:D And eeehrm, how can I define our night? It was like... Ok, I'm only say that it was a door on the clouds LOL :D

My father downloaded the horror-game, Amnesia for me, so I think tomorrow I won't do anything but play with it hehe :D Nooo, just kidding (no lol), I will dance too, naturally! :) I have to practice cuz we'll have performance at the Animecon on the 17th of August, here's the placard, come and see us! :3

And I finally I'll start to really learn japanese, from my friend Rumi.:3 My first lesson will be hold on Thursday, i'm so excited and I'm really looking forward to it! ~ And my another friend promised me that she'll help me to learn korean too, so I'm very happy about this now. I want to go to a College at Tokyo with studentship, so I have to become very good at this language. Hehe, and I want to buy two cute booklets for both language, but they are so expensive, they're about 2 thousand 2 hundred HUF, so I hope I'll get my pocketmoney this week.


2013. július 28., vasárnap

Inspiration for July/August

Originally I wanted to show you a lot of pictures of gyarus, make up, clothes and etc in this post, but I saw this on Kiwi's blog, and I knew this will be the right one, even if  I hate this i'm-not-skinny-enough-i'm-fat-i'm ugly stuff.  :) Remember girls, you are still beautiful in the way you are, this is just a 'note' to myself to start training and don't give it up! :)

Circle lens review + daily outfit

Hi babies!
I got my circle lenses last week, but I was too lazy to write a review, lol.
Firstly: I'm not satisfied with them at all! These lenses are don't cover the real color of my eyes, even a bit ! They are so light and ivisible! Here are the stock photos of them:

They look so bright colored, aren't they? The brown also looks so yellowish, that's why I ordered that pair. But! Here are my photos:
This is the brown
And this is the pink one
Idk, but i think there's no need to say anything... The only thing that is the same with the stock photos is the pattern of the lenses.
Luckily I could sell the brown pair, because I think on brown eyes they can be pretty , but on my bright blue eyes... No, they were just horrible, so I sold them as fast as I could.
I've kept the pink pair, cuz it isn't that terrible, they look pretty, and finally I can say I like them. They're a bit purple-ish on my eyes, but it still looks good, so I wear them. But to say something good too, they are very comfortable at least!
Oh, yes, anyways, it was a group order from Alibaba ( we ordered more than 80 pairs ), and the brands are CiCi (the brown) and Super Nudy (the pink ones).
That's it about the lenses, and now the outfit part:

I've got a photo camera for my birthday ( I think I said that before... idk lol), so I can take high-quality pictures from myself loool 
(my face, loool)
Shirt: Tally Weijl
Jeans: Tally Weijl
and that's all D:D:D:

And here's my make-up:

lol look so silly
and i didn't use fake lower lashes
These are the pink lenses, actually I like them, but what are You think about them, guys? :)

See you in my next post!

ps.: Do you like the blog's new design? The header was made by my friend, omg it's so cool , I love it.:DD I want a big glass of something too, that she has, lol
Thank you sweetheart for the cool summer-feeling header


2013. július 25., csütörtök

My new room + other things

Hi cuties!
Oh shit I haven't write since 07.17 omg. I'm so freakin lazy.
So, I've moved to Budapest  ( the capital of Hungary) to my father's place, so from now on I'm living with him and my stepmother. I also changed school, thus I'll learn english again from Sept. But the only important thing about this, is my new room here! ♥ There are a lot of things I didn't do yet, like paint Adventure Time characters, and put my favorite posters (the official Tarantallegra poster that came with the album ♥) onto the wall, buy a wardrobe for me, get a new carpet and curtain, but I'm already love my room even without these stuffs. I just wanted to show it you:
I was standing at my door when i took this pic.
My room is really very small, as you see, but i think its lovely. 
I want to paint a qoute above the bed headboard. I have two ideas, the first is, the very mainstream but one of my life's most important sentence, ,,Always keep the Faith!" or the one that perfectly reflects Sherlock's lifestyle and philosophy: ,,Caring is not an advantage". I don't know wich one, but maybe I can do both.

My bed is very huge and soft, i like it very much. I have two little speakers, which I can listen music from my laptop and my from my phone with, so I can fall asleep to music. 
The wall that you can see against, is the wall which I want to paint the AT characters on it. It'll be so cute! ♥ 
Oh I almost forgot; note to myself: later i'll need a new bedspread too.

It's my temproary 'wardrobe' until i'll get a new one. But i like it too, it's very elegant, we got this from my grandmother. 
(You can see the gay-flag that i've got from a girl when i was at the lolita meet ♥ I wrote YunJae on it, lol:D)

My beautiful bouquet that I've got from my dad on my birthday, which were on the 22nd of July. Happy birthday for me, haha, i've turned into 16, i'm so old T-T

Please rejoice with me! ♥

ps.: In my next post i'm coming with a circle lens review, or/and a post about my new dance group. Please look forward to it, and don't leave me alone, my dear followers ! ♥ 


Fancsunak a sok faszság ♥

Szóval, első közlendőm Fannikám; GRATULÁLOK HOGY FELVETTEK A NEMJEGYEZTEMMEGMILYENEGYETEMRE de biztos kurvajó mert te oda fogsz járni, és mivel ismersz csak jó arc lehetsz ergo az mostantól egy fasza hely. Ó jesz. Második közlendőm, hogy..
ja nincs is második közlendőm.
szóval egyébként fingom nincsen róla hogy mit írjak úgyegyébként, de tuti hogy kellett már egy ilyen poszt is mert cuki vagyok és az előbb volt egy zölden foszforeszkáló lila macska az ablakban de szeretnék nutellás palacsintát enni szóval lehet hogy inkább mégis vennem kéne egy új cipőfűzőt mert a megcsípte egy hangya a vállamat.
nagyon álmos vagyok és nem tudok miről írogatni mert az a piócafogú embermanóerdeihernyó ami a Pindúrbandúrokban is kiszívta az emberek agyát éppen az én fejemet ostromolja. Nem mintha találna benne valamit de szerintem ettől az erős szívó érzéstől elpárolog az energia a kis habtestemből.
bocsi.:((( legközelebb.:(( de azért siess ide Pestre, és a varázsport ne hagyd otthon mert odabaszikálok ♥

2013. július 17., szerda

BTSSB Karami JSK and Summer-welcoming lolita meet

Hi cutiepies!
I don't know if i talked about it earlier, or not, but I really wanted to buy my friend's Karami dress since a long time, but I've alaways spent my money on other stuffs, so I couldn't buy it for months.:( But! Finally, before I could spend all my money again, I tried that on, and I've bought the JSK, so now I have my life's first burando lolita item! :3 Here it is, with my red RHS (it isn't dirty inside, the insole just got out suddenly, and i forgot to put it back):
I wore this outfit (plus a petticoat and head-eating bow from my friend:) ) at the Summer-welcoming lolita meet at the 6th of July. We were at the Sövény Aladár Teahouse, and it's so beautiful and elegant! It's a very expensive place, but the maracuja limonade and the Thailand cocktail that I drank are absolutely worth their price, they were so delicious. The teahouse is at Andrássy street, and ithe whole street was closed because of the Pride, so we were also closed in, but we went out to the garden to dance, taking photos, and talk with the participants of the parade. I've got a rainbow flag too (and i've written 'YunJae' on it lol) :DD 
Group picture :3 Everyone was so pretty!
Me and Sugi in her sobeautifulprettyawesomecute lsdkjalkfjkajsfla Milky Planet JSK ♥


2013. július 13., szombat

Haul + master hairdresser /♥ + Daily outfit&makeup

Hi beauties!
( I have to apologize to Mio, cuz this isn't the post about BBC Sherlock yet, but I promise i'll write it even if you are the only one who care about that! :D )
So, I'm here with a post about my newest haul, my recent rokkugyaru-like outfit and make up, and with my friends cooly dyed hair by me :D
 Now the Haul:
From left to the right:
Tally Weijl 2000 HUF, Tally Weijl 2500 HUF, Mango 5 990 HUF
 Lately I've been in love with shirts (and white color, as I already said:D), so I decided to buy new ones. And also I commend you to go and look round in Tally Weijl, cuz there are still very big sales, you can buy really pretty coctail dresses for example, for a very low price. So, yes, go shopping cuties! :D
The leggings is from New Yorker, its price was  1990 HUF . I really needed a new one, and I liked this one for a very long time but i thought it wouldn't fit me well so I didn't bought it. But finally I tried it on and it looks so nice so now I have this ♥ 
The cute brown belt have given to me by my stepmother, and I like it very much.
Aaaand, I needed a new lashglue, this one is by essence, but i think it isn't really good :(
I wanted a new BB cream too in place of my SKIN79 BB Cream quickly, so I bought Helia D's BB Cream for light skin, and I'm very satisfied with it! Almost perfect, it smells really good too. 

Yesterday, I've dyed my friends hair, cuz she wanted blonde/pink hair for a really long time, but her parents doesn't allowed her to go to the hairdresser's and get her hair done. So I made for her, and now I'm waiting for the Police/CSI/FBI/UFOs/detectives sent by her mother to kill me or lock me into the prisonXDD OK, I shut up, here are the pictures:
In the first step I dyed her hair with blonde hairdye - unfortunately we forget to take before/after pictures so I can't show you how dark was her hair before this.:(
After she dried her hair I put the pink dye onto her hairends, and when we washed the dye down, it looks like this :
I think it looks really cool! She's so hipster now,lol :D And I'm also happy because she likes it so much too... I made someone's dream come true omg i'm a hero lol no XD I'm master hairdresser haha 

And at last but not at least my outfit and make up for the day. I wanted to get a darker and 'harder' look, than I usually wear, and it was a perfect time to try out my new eyeshadow palette.
Shirt: Mango
Jeans: a local store
Shoes: (you can't see them but I've worn a pair of leopard printed balerina shoes) Deichmann
Earpierces: H&M

Make up close up:
I liked it very much! ˇ3ˇ

kisses&hugs ♥

2013. július 11., csütörtök

Natural gyaru make up + 183 colors make up palette

Hi cuties!
Firstly, i don't know what do you want to read or see next time in my blog, there are still many themes that i want to write about.. and all of the recorded topics i write about something that wasn't in the planned posts . Lol, /me failed.
So, yesterday I have gone home by train, and because of it i wanted to do a natural make up, because of the sweat and else, you know, i was afraid that my makeup will melt down. So i put on a really light and natural make-up that don't need much product to anoint on your face.
Here is it:
 What do you think about it? I very like this style, i think i  will use this more often too, it's natural and pretty (even on my face.. -____- miracle.)
The make up was inspired by them:
( I love the second one (the first too c:)! Next time i'll try to do a make up that exactly look like this! (i'm sure i won't succeed but i'll try:DDD))

The eyemake palette, that i have written about has finally arrived! I was afraid if its quality will be terrible because of the low price, but it surprised me pleasantly ! There are very strongly pigmented, bright colors in it, and it stays on your eyelid for a long time, so you don't need to check it every half hours. I took pictures of it, but they get horribly unclear, so i'm so sorry, but i wanted to show it to you :

I looooove it! ♥
There are also blushes and contours in it. If you interested in this product, order from here bravely.
Kisses&hugs ♥

ps.: I'm totally in love with the BBC Sherlock series, so maybe next i'll write about that. Do you want it? Please tell me if you liked my previous post about Coffee Prince or not! :)

2013. július 8., hétfő

Dorama: Coffee Prince

Hi cuties!
I have a lot of ideas what i want to write about in my next few posts, and firstly i couldn't decide which one should I start with, but I've choosen this, cause it's the first post like this, and i want to know that you like this kind of stuff or not. :) So, please, read this, and tell me what you think about it :)

So, I've finally finished the drama, called Coffee Prince. I'm sure that you guys know this serie, but also know that some of you haven't seen this yet. :)
It's a story about a girl, who pretends she's a boy, just to get the job in the Coffee Prince Café, about a  handsome, rich man, who thinks he's fallen in love with another guy, about his uncle, who knows the truth, and an artistic, pretty women, who can see trough people. 
And, of course, the unique princes of the café shop. Ah, I almost forgot; and yes, as usually and naturally; a story about Love. 
Although it may sounds so boring and typical: it isn't. I'm really that kind of person, that hates too romantic, fluffy lovestories, can't stand the pointless complications not just in series, and films, but nor in the real life. That's why I commend this for you, cuz it's really a special story that you can't stop watching if you start it once. Believe me, me, from already in the 3.-4. part I was like "OMG Y U SO CUTE" and "noooo, this can't happen, nooo, don't go ah waeee, i'm crying" til the end. .. So.. yes.:D

And what makes this series so good and unique? 
Apart from the strangely lovely morale that Coffee Prince mediate, the most important and interesting thing is the development in the two main character's personality.
So, I mean, both of them have to go trough so many difficulties, and the whole story seems so real, like all these things can happen with you too. It's beautiful and sometimes also hard to see how can they solve their problems. The story teaches you acceptance too, and I think, those people, who not naturally locked to these kind of things, but maybe a little against homosexuality, can understand too that the only thing that makes sense is what you feel, that it doesn't matter your liked one is a girl or  a boy, tall or short, barbie doll or a punk prince, just accept her/him and you feelings inside you too.

I hope this post makes your interested in this series and you'll watch this. Believe in my words, it's really worth it.
If you've already seen this, then tell me what do you think about it? Do you like it, or not? :)

kisses&hugs ♥