2013. július 30., kedd

Daily outfit

Hi babies! :)
It's just an outfit post for today, but you guys said that you like these kind of stuff, so here's the outfit and makeup that I wore yesterday.
Blouse: from a butique at the Váci street
Shorts: New Yorker
Earpierces: Swarowski and H&M
(Face expression: idunno,from another planet or galaxy or something, srsly, dafuck is that face xd)

And the make-up. I used the pink Super Nudy lenses. :)

And I have to talk now, lol, so i'm telling you that I've met with a friend whom I didn't talk with since a long time, and before the meetup I felt so awkard and oh-my-god-what-can-we-even-say-to-each-other.. But I enjoyed the time with her, we laughed a lot (as always.:DDDD we are really handicapped together, omg XDDD) and suddenly we decided to write a roleplay/fanfiction, both of us are cassies and YunJae shippers, so I'm Jaejoong now bitchez! :DDDDDDDD (omg i love that bissh♥)
And theeen, my another friend, Denny, whom I mentioned before in my previous post, texted me to go to her place and have a sleepover, cuz she's 'alone'. So I just get home to take some clothes and toothbrush with me, and I was already on my way.:D And eeehrm, how can I define our night? It was like... Ok, I'm only say that it was a door on the clouds LOL :D

My father downloaded the horror-game, Amnesia for me, so I think tomorrow I won't do anything but play with it hehe :D Nooo, just kidding (no lol), I will dance too, naturally! :) I have to practice cuz we'll have performance at the Animecon on the 17th of August, here's the placard, come and see us! :3

And I finally I'll start to really learn japanese, from my friend Rumi.:3 My first lesson will be hold on Thursday, i'm so excited and I'm really looking forward to it! ~ And my another friend promised me that she'll help me to learn korean too, so I'm very happy about this now. I want to go to a College at Tokyo with studentship, so I have to become very good at this language. Hehe, and I want to buy two cute booklets for both language, but they are so expensive, they're about 2 thousand 2 hundred HUF, so I hope I'll get my pocketmoney this week.


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