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Dorama: Coffee Prince

Hi cuties!
I have a lot of ideas what i want to write about in my next few posts, and firstly i couldn't decide which one should I start with, but I've choosen this, cause it's the first post like this, and i want to know that you like this kind of stuff or not. :) So, please, read this, and tell me what you think about it :)

So, I've finally finished the drama, called Coffee Prince. I'm sure that you guys know this serie, but also know that some of you haven't seen this yet. :)
It's a story about a girl, who pretends she's a boy, just to get the job in the Coffee Prince Café, about a  handsome, rich man, who thinks he's fallen in love with another guy, about his uncle, who knows the truth, and an artistic, pretty women, who can see trough people. 
And, of course, the unique princes of the café shop. Ah, I almost forgot; and yes, as usually and naturally; a story about Love. 
Although it may sounds so boring and typical: it isn't. I'm really that kind of person, that hates too romantic, fluffy lovestories, can't stand the pointless complications not just in series, and films, but nor in the real life. That's why I commend this for you, cuz it's really a special story that you can't stop watching if you start it once. Believe me, me, from already in the 3.-4. part I was like "OMG Y U SO CUTE" and "noooo, this can't happen, nooo, don't go ah waeee, i'm crying" til the end. .. So.. yes.:D

And what makes this series so good and unique? 
Apart from the strangely lovely morale that Coffee Prince mediate, the most important and interesting thing is the development in the two main character's personality.
So, I mean, both of them have to go trough so many difficulties, and the whole story seems so real, like all these things can happen with you too. It's beautiful and sometimes also hard to see how can they solve their problems. The story teaches you acceptance too, and I think, those people, who not naturally locked to these kind of things, but maybe a little against homosexuality, can understand too that the only thing that makes sense is what you feel, that it doesn't matter your liked one is a girl or  a boy, tall or short, barbie doll or a punk prince, just accept her/him and you feelings inside you too.

I hope this post makes your interested in this series and you'll watch this. Believe in my words, it's really worth it.
If you've already seen this, then tell me what do you think about it? Do you like it, or not? :)

kisses&hugs ♥ 

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