2013. július 13., szombat

Haul + master hairdresser /♥ + Daily outfit&makeup

Hi beauties!
( I have to apologize to Mio, cuz this isn't the post about BBC Sherlock yet, but I promise i'll write it even if you are the only one who care about that! :D )
So, I'm here with a post about my newest haul, my recent rokkugyaru-like outfit and make up, and with my friends cooly dyed hair by me :D
 Now the Haul:
From left to the right:
Tally Weijl 2000 HUF, Tally Weijl 2500 HUF, Mango 5 990 HUF
 Lately I've been in love with shirts (and white color, as I already said:D), so I decided to buy new ones. And also I commend you to go and look round in Tally Weijl, cuz there are still very big sales, you can buy really pretty coctail dresses for example, for a very low price. So, yes, go shopping cuties! :D
The leggings is from New Yorker, its price was  1990 HUF . I really needed a new one, and I liked this one for a very long time but i thought it wouldn't fit me well so I didn't bought it. But finally I tried it on and it looks so nice so now I have this ♥ 
The cute brown belt have given to me by my stepmother, and I like it very much.
Aaaand, I needed a new lashglue, this one is by essence, but i think it isn't really good :(
I wanted a new BB cream too in place of my SKIN79 BB Cream quickly, so I bought Helia D's BB Cream for light skin, and I'm very satisfied with it! Almost perfect, it smells really good too. 

Yesterday, I've dyed my friends hair, cuz she wanted blonde/pink hair for a really long time, but her parents doesn't allowed her to go to the hairdresser's and get her hair done. So I made for her, and now I'm waiting for the Police/CSI/FBI/UFOs/detectives sent by her mother to kill me or lock me into the prisonXDD OK, I shut up, here are the pictures:
In the first step I dyed her hair with blonde hairdye - unfortunately we forget to take before/after pictures so I can't show you how dark was her hair before this.:(
After she dried her hair I put the pink dye onto her hairends, and when we washed the dye down, it looks like this :
I think it looks really cool! She's so hipster now,lol :D And I'm also happy because she likes it so much too... I made someone's dream come true omg i'm a hero lol no XD I'm master hairdresser haha 

And at last but not at least my outfit and make up for the day. I wanted to get a darker and 'harder' look, than I usually wear, and it was a perfect time to try out my new eyeshadow palette.
Shirt: Mango
Jeans: a local store
Shoes: (you can't see them but I've worn a pair of leopard printed balerina shoes) Deichmann
Earpierces: H&M

Make up close up:
I liked it very much! ˇ3ˇ

kisses&hugs ♥

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