2013. július 25., csütörtök

My new room + other things

Hi cuties!
Oh shit I haven't write since 07.17 omg. I'm so freakin lazy.
So, I've moved to Budapest  ( the capital of Hungary) to my father's place, so from now on I'm living with him and my stepmother. I also changed school, thus I'll learn english again from Sept. But the only important thing about this, is my new room here! ♥ There are a lot of things I didn't do yet, like paint Adventure Time characters, and put my favorite posters (the official Tarantallegra poster that came with the album ♥) onto the wall, buy a wardrobe for me, get a new carpet and curtain, but I'm already love my room even without these stuffs. I just wanted to show it you:
I was standing at my door when i took this pic.
My room is really very small, as you see, but i think its lovely. 
I want to paint a qoute above the bed headboard. I have two ideas, the first is, the very mainstream but one of my life's most important sentence, ,,Always keep the Faith!" or the one that perfectly reflects Sherlock's lifestyle and philosophy: ,,Caring is not an advantage". I don't know wich one, but maybe I can do both.

My bed is very huge and soft, i like it very much. I have two little speakers, which I can listen music from my laptop and my from my phone with, so I can fall asleep to music. 
The wall that you can see against, is the wall which I want to paint the AT characters on it. It'll be so cute! ♥ 
Oh I almost forgot; note to myself: later i'll need a new bedspread too.

It's my temproary 'wardrobe' until i'll get a new one. But i like it too, it's very elegant, we got this from my grandmother. 
(You can see the gay-flag that i've got from a girl when i was at the lolita meet ♥ I wrote YunJae on it, lol:D)

My beautiful bouquet that I've got from my dad on my birthday, which were on the 22nd of July. Happy birthday for me, haha, i've turned into 16, i'm so old T-T

Please rejoice with me! ♥

ps.: In my next post i'm coming with a circle lens review, or/and a post about my new dance group. Please look forward to it, and don't leave me alone, my dear followers ! ♥ 


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  1. de jó, üdv budapesten x3 pont lianinak mondtam, hogy egykét loli úgy hiányzik, és jó lenne a hivatalos meeteken kívül is látni őket, most már téged is könnyebb lesz elérni, ugye? x3

    1. Hát hottttyne, rám lehet írikálni fészbukon kérlek alássan, és megbeszéljük ! :D