2013. július 11., csütörtök

Natural gyaru make up + 183 colors make up palette

Hi cuties!
Firstly, i don't know what do you want to read or see next time in my blog, there are still many themes that i want to write about.. and all of the recorded topics i write about something that wasn't in the planned posts . Lol, /me failed.
So, yesterday I have gone home by train, and because of it i wanted to do a natural make up, because of the sweat and else, you know, i was afraid that my makeup will melt down. So i put on a really light and natural make-up that don't need much product to anoint on your face.
Here is it:
 What do you think about it? I very like this style, i think i  will use this more often too, it's natural and pretty (even on my face.. -____- miracle.)
The make up was inspired by them:
( I love the second one (the first too c:)! Next time i'll try to do a make up that exactly look like this! (i'm sure i won't succeed but i'll try:DDD))

The eyemake palette, that i have written about has finally arrived! I was afraid if its quality will be terrible because of the low price, but it surprised me pleasantly ! There are very strongly pigmented, bright colors in it, and it stays on your eyelid for a long time, so you don't need to check it every half hours. I took pictures of it, but they get horribly unclear, so i'm so sorry, but i wanted to show it to you :

I looooove it! ♥
There are also blushes and contours in it. If you interested in this product, order from here bravely.
Kisses&hugs ♥

ps.: I'm totally in love with the BBC Sherlock series, so maybe next i'll write about that. Do you want it? Please tell me if you liked my previous post about Coffee Prince or not! :)

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  1. Az utóiratodnál igazán megdobbant a szívem, már jó ideje követlek, elsősorban a make up & style postjaidért, erre meglátom, hogy Sherlock! :D Igen, igen, legyen csak benne a következő postodban, kíváncsi vagyok mit írsz róla :D PS.: tetszik az inged!

    1. Jaj, jaj, köszönöm! Simogatod kicsi lelkem! <3
      Benne lesz, köszönöm, hogy visszajeleztél. Teljesen szerelmes vagyok a sorozatba, a kedvenc mondatom: (I'll burn out the heart of you) "- I have been reliaby informed that I don't have one. " Oooomg, hogy lehet ezt úgy mondani, hogy vonzó legyen.:D Meghaltam.

      Az ing Tally Weijl szerzemény, és ha szeretnél siess, mert 2000 forintra le van akciózva! :)