2013. augusztus 29., csütörtök

Summer photoshoot + Debut stage / SRG ! ♥

Hi bunnies!
I'm here again, I arrived to Hungary yesterday evening, and I didn't sleep for 2 days now, wo I'm a bit tired. My vacation with my family and their friends was absolutely awesome, If you want I can tell more about it later, but noooow~
I get the photoshoot pictures finally, and I really love them! There's also a vid of our debut stage at MAT Animecon 2018.08.17, so I also will show that to you guys. Let's get started! :)

Group picture 

And then spam of me :D
Break: Our beautiful leaders; Saffie & Gee !
and then it's me again :D i love this picture, i think it's cool D:
I was trying to do that very popular 'gyaru-pose' but I was afraid to fall because of the very high heels and the wood bridge, so it's became like this... Whatever, lol.:D
Pictures with Gee :) I think we look cute together on pictures :3

So, I was really shocked about the pictures, I mean, I said it that the professional photos of me are always so freaking terrible, but I think this ones got so cool~ But all of the glory goes to our photographer! :)
 What do you think about these pictures? I can't show you the other member's pictures, because I didn't ask them If I can do that or not, so you have to be satisfied with me and the leaders (lol:D), but trust me, our other members are also look so pretty and cute on the photos! :)

And then I'm continuing with the video of our performance. I hope you'll enjoy!

I think, we were good.. We have to develope a lot, but for the first time.. It was good, and I'm so proud of all of our members! :)

Tell me your thoughts about the summer photoshoot pictures and our performance as well! :)

2013. augusztus 23., péntek


Hey bunnies! I'm on a holiday in Portugalia, so because of that I can't write for a few days :)
Take care ! ♡

2013. augusztus 12., hétfő

SRG Photoshoot preview & Mini Haul

Hi bunnies! 
We had a photoshoot today, as i said before. I can't tell much about the pictures, because our photographer didn't show us the pictures at the time, but i think they are cool :o We were in a park, the sun was shining, all were so good, all of us had a good time while the shooting i think :3 I'm so tired now, so all I want is sleep, but I also wanted to write about this and that, so here's a small preview and 'backstage' pictures (I mean you can see us posing like retards)
The only 'official' preview photo from the shooting, Jana (our photographer) just sent this to me ♥

With Sub-Leada ( babe, anyways, why 'sub-leader'? XD)

OMG, with my Baby Bunny Boo ♥, i can't handle her cuteness, babe you have to move to my place, you can't say no

Gina ::D:D:D:D lol, she's so cute and I'm an awesome photographer (lol no)
and ofc my tail loves ya too ♥

With ma manly man! :D luvyaa
(HAHA it's not like we're retards, this picture is cute nyoo)

Anyways, it was so freaking hard to wake up this morning, cuz we had a sleepover with Denny (yes, again, lol:D), and we were playing with Amnesia all night and drinking wine so it was a pain to stay awake, but then it was ok, lol :D kimiwabeautifuuuulhangover~

And then here's my mini haul:

I bought a cute exercisebook for my Japan lessons ( it was fucking expensive but it woth its price since it's so cool and gyaruish nyohohoho), that I wanted for a while, and there's a Catrice gold/yellow colored eyeliner that I also wanted for a very long time, but I haven't find one til now. 
And for the lips, I bought a lip balm, and honestly just cause I'm in love with its smell ( lime & vanilia omnomnom ), but it's really useful and made my lips so soft in a very short time, so I love iiit. The second one is a lipgloss by essence, it's candy-flavoured, and its smell is candy-like too, and the colooor! SO perfect pink! 
Aaaand, ofc I got hairdye, so my hair is finally has that color that I wanted, so I'm blonde FOR REAL again :D

2013. augusztus 7., szerda

ShoujoRoom Generation - My new team!

Hi cuties!
It's been so long again, huh? I'm sorry, I'm very busy in these days, we have to practice a lot with my new team. Oh, yes, I didn't tell you about this.
So, on the 7th of July I participated at an 'audition' of a dance team called ShoujoRoom Generation, and I became a member of it.
We 're doing kpop-jpop dance covers, and we have two sub-groups, Team S, and Team R. I'm a Team S member, and our dances are mostly girl group choreos. The Team R member's speciality are the boy band choreographies.
Our system is very similar with the big enetrtainment's system. I mean, the younger need to respect the older, the younger generation need to listen to the older generation. I think it's very good, but also can be so hard, especially for a person like me, who's very stubborn and in normal only respect those people more than the others, that is better than her/him. And I can't keep calm if I don't like something, so I need to learn how to shut up sometimes, it's really very hard..
So, back to the original topic. We'll have a performance at MAT Animecon, but I said this before. Since we have a lot of members (15) it's very hard to do every move perfectly together, so we really have to pratice a lot.
I'll have my first photoshoot with them at Saturday afternoon, and I'm already excited about that. The professional photos of me are always so shitty. I mean, I usually look horrible, lol.. I hope this time it won't be like that!:D
It's our Jpop All Stars dance practice, and we will also perform this on the 17th of August:

I'm the one in the black and white stripped shirt :)
I really like this vid, i think it's so cool, even we have to improve this.

We've got our T-shirts with the group logo (the logo was made by our member, Nudi (the girl in red shorts)) today, and they're also soooo cooool! I can't wait to wear it! :D I'm showing you my outfit for the photoshoot and performance:

Haha, i'm totally in love with my outfit! 

I think I'll wear boots for these on the performance, but for the photoshoot I have a pair of leopard high heels :3
But i don't know what kind of make up should I wear. On the photos I think I want to be more natural, but I think on the stage a sparkling make-up will be better. What do you think?
I'd like something like these for the photoshoot: 

and something similar for live stage:

i'd add some glitter, lol :D

Tell me if you have ideas about the make up, or anything else! And also tell me your thoughts about our team ! :)


2013. augusztus 2., péntek

Picture of the Day

Junsu as Tod in the Elisabeth musical, 2013