2013. augusztus 29., csütörtök

Summer photoshoot + Debut stage / SRG ! ♥

Hi bunnies!
I'm here again, I arrived to Hungary yesterday evening, and I didn't sleep for 2 days now, wo I'm a bit tired. My vacation with my family and their friends was absolutely awesome, If you want I can tell more about it later, but noooow~
I get the photoshoot pictures finally, and I really love them! There's also a vid of our debut stage at MAT Animecon 2018.08.17, so I also will show that to you guys. Let's get started! :)

Group picture 

And then spam of me :D
Break: Our beautiful leaders; Saffie & Gee !
and then it's me again :D i love this picture, i think it's cool D:
I was trying to do that very popular 'gyaru-pose' but I was afraid to fall because of the very high heels and the wood bridge, so it's became like this... Whatever, lol.:D
Pictures with Gee :) I think we look cute together on pictures :3

So, I was really shocked about the pictures, I mean, I said it that the professional photos of me are always so freaking terrible, but I think this ones got so cool~ But all of the glory goes to our photographer! :)
 What do you think about these pictures? I can't show you the other member's pictures, because I didn't ask them If I can do that or not, so you have to be satisfied with me and the leaders (lol:D), but trust me, our other members are also look so pretty and cute on the photos! :)

And then I'm continuing with the video of our performance. I hope you'll enjoy!

I think, we were good.. We have to develope a lot, but for the first time.. It was good, and I'm so proud of all of our members! :)

Tell me your thoughts about the summer photoshoot pictures and our performance as well! :)

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