2013. szeptember 27., péntek

SRG live at Cosplay Expo & Weekend

Hi bunnies!
It's been so long ( lol I always start my posts like thisXDDDD), and I don't have anything to write about yet, but I make this deal with it. lol
Sooo, we had a live at Cosplay Expo on Saturday. It was soooo hard for us, because our leader and also a lot of our members was ill. And we had to make a brand  new formation in the choreography, cuz it seemed like our leader can't come to the performance. They took me into her place in the choreos so I was freaking out, but luckily she could come. Unfortunately we had to do only those dances that we debuted with, but at least it was cool. Our next 'live' will be hold on October 6th at the Mondocon. Come and see our performance, and take cute photos with us! :3 ♥
So, pictures:
After School/Flashback - Prolusion at the stage!
A black and white pciture, the same choreo :3 I love this one, even I look so terrible on this. I almost fell down lol.
 Discussion circle :3
Maknae-line ♥

I don't get the pictures and the video of the performance yet, so I can't show them to you, but if I get them, i'll update this post! ^^

Our "talk it out"-circle after the live:
We were tired and had to talk things out, but I think it's so much better now for everyone ♥

We've met with Alice Avery, who's a hungarian cosplayer,  and also a circle lens seller. Our other leader, Gee is friends with her since a long time, and I also know her from the fb group Living doll hungary, and I ordered my lenses from her too. So, we've met her, and talked and made fun a lot, aaand of course took silly pictures, lol :D
Me, Renna, and Alice
Eööööeeeh... Adventure time style! :D I thought everyone was making the same face as me... Well, no. :( I'm the derp again :( ( I don't feel sorry at all! TrollderpChun is my master bitchez! :D)
SRG's gyaru line, aka Gee and me! :3
nyo, i love you bunny ♥
Gee was sooo beautiful, just like a princess ;3;♥
After our 2nd performance we went to the WestEnd to get bubble tea, with my friend (she stayed at my place at the weekend), Gee, Avery, Renna, Vivi and ( ok, i know, i was hating it but omg these girls got me to love it), and were talking a lot, but the time spent by so fast so we had to gone home to take a shower, get dressed up, do new makeup and drink something before we go to the Nippon groove, so Gee , and Anni ( my friend) came home with me. :3 We drank a bottle of champagne lol.
The party was... forgetable. :D  I was so tired already about 1 AM so we came home so early :/ I felt sorry for Anni because I guess she would stay there for a few hours  but she had to came home with me. I'm sorry babe, maybe next time :(
And, - of course -, on Sunday morning I felt so horrible, but not bcuz of hangover ( I didn't drink that much) but I had a very strong sore throat so I couldn't even go to the photoshoot. :/ We have to find a new date for it... So since i couldn't go to anywhere,  we watched a lot of DBSK vids and pictures, so it suddenly became a cassiopeia day LOL It was so cool, fangirling with someone, not alone this time :D
Today I'm not going to school, i'm oficially ill, so i can't go (muhahahahaha!). I'm so tired and also feel kinda sad, and i want to go to sleep, but before it I have to make our next outfit options - I'm the stylist of the group, yay! ♥

I'm leaving now, take care!


2013. szeptember 7., szombat

Awesome stuffs Haul // I need your help guys!

Hi babies again  
I'm back with my new mini-haul. I found awesome stuffs for real! :3
Let's start!
 From left to the right: a new bottle of cottoncandy perfume (990 HUF from Douglas), the book Bel Ami in hungarian (2690 HUF from Libri), lower row: paper lashes (379 HUF from Rossmann (essence)), foundation sponge set (399 HUF from Rossmann (Beauty)), antibacterial hand disinfectant gel (599 HUF from Rossmann (HiGeen)), XXXL Shine invisible lipgloss (599 HUF from Rossmann (essence)).
The postcards, and the little circular mirror are from Portugal:) The mirror is from a castle in Aveiro ( I guess.. but I can't exactly remember:c), and the lady in its back is Dona Costanca de Noronha who was the King's second wife, and the King ordered to built that castle only for his lady :3

 And the fav item: the lashes! It's exactly looks like those that Jaejoong was wearing at his Mine album's photoshoot and I was in love with them, so I'm really happy because I found these beauties  :3
 So I asked our photographer if she could take some pictures of me in the style of these photos. I hope she would, i'm excited about that, and waiting for her answer. ^-^
Did you know these? I love them!

Aaaand, TVXQ's new clip has finally came out ! I love this clip, song and mostly the dance, even I planned to do this as my solo on the Mondocon (October 5!), but I can't because we should cut off my part from the performance if we want to upload that on YT because of avex's right's. I mean, they block and/or delete every video that include their auido-or picture files.:( I have to find another one..
Brr, but, back to this awesomeness: I love TVXQ's new concept!

I would be really happy and helped if you write some solo recommendations in comments for me ! I don't know what to dance, but it's really important for me.:)


Holiday in Portugal ♥ (WARNING! So many pictures!)

Hi bubiboos!
I'm here again. Actually I don't wanted to write about my holiday in Portugal, but since a lot of you guys asked me to do, I decided to show you some pictures and else. I have to tell you, that I can't remember most of the things that we did there, I just remember the beautiful cities and my favourite - the beach at the ocean. So this post will be mostly a picture-spam post, but naturally I try to tell some things about them. :) Enjoy!
When we arrived to Lisbon. I took this picture in front of the Airport. You can see the Ocean on the background. :)
This was our house. It was very huge! I didn't even dare to go downstairs at nights, so I woke my father up everytime I was thirsty or something :D 
The patio :) We grilled here a lot, but it was so annoying that we didn't get keys for the iron gate, so we were kinda locked up, lol 
Me with my father (and his awesome hat LOL he was so funny ) and my stepmother
The first day at the beach in Espinho. The ocean was so cold, but we were like little childs with my stepmother so we were running into and out from the ocean, and splashed the ice-cold water onto each other, lol

On the third day we went to Porto. It was beautiful, but trip was so tiring that day, cuz we walked in the whole city.
I'm so cool, yo man
In Aveiro, with my father, on a beach near aveiro, but the weather was too cold for me, and with a cool graffiti.
We eanted to see the Douro valley. We've seen, but I'm not really a fan of those things, so for me it was just some hills and vineyards, lol. But then we went to a small village, and to a city that I can't remember its name, but it was beautiful and quiet. :3
 Another day on another beach :) This day was my favorite, I felt good and the sun was shining and I could swin in the ocean. It was awesome for real. :3

 The next picture was taken at the lake that you can see in the background :3 
I loved this day, anyways. In the mountains, we were met with a cattle herd, and omg I was so scared. I wasn't ever imagined that a cattle can be this scary XD
Another day in Porto. :)
with the funny waiter :D he photobombed my picture, lol 
 I drank this. I don't know what was the alcohol in it, but I guess it was the traditional red porto wine :) It was awesome, but my stomach  was rebbelling for first, cuz I was hardly hangover lol But finally I drank it :D:D:D 
Porto is beautiful :)
In a winery :D I'm an alcoholist, lol
(And I was promoting our group all day! [look at my t-shirt] lol )

We spent 10 days there. Of course I didn't show you pictures of every day, but I hope you enjoyed this post! :)


2013. szeptember 5., csütörtök

Tarantallegra style!

Hi babybunnies! 
School has started, bleh.:( The school where i'm studying now.. eh, well... Ok, I don't want to say anything about it, i'll learn what I have to, and survive these 4 years successfully. 
Originally I wanted to write  a post about my holiday in Portugal, but I don't like those kind of  post so I don't do it :D And then, I planned to show you the shoes and rings that I've bought, so make an extra mini haul post, but I found these pictures, so.. Yeah, you know. :D

I made a make up tutorial vid in the summer but I still can't find a video maker that I can use to edit the video, so I brought pictures from it~
 I love this kind of make up!:)

And then, here's the mini haul:
 I needed a pair of new shoes for Autumn, and I choose this one, they're like Vans, lol, and will be cool for dance vids and covers too. They're really comfortable and cool.:) Love em!

 And my new rings! ♥ ( L and XL, lol, my fingers are really chubby.. I hate them:D ) I don't know if I said this before, but I'm really in love with rings. And since I'm again started to love Xia Junsu's Tarantallegra style, these rings are really match with that dark-mystic look. I also started to dress up in darker, less 'bitchy' clothes, like years ago, and I'm enjoying it again! My taste developed as well, so I won't do epic fails likeI did a few years before. I made a level up! :D

And, yes, as I said, he, and his Tarantallegra album is my inspiration nowadays in make up and in clothing as well.:) Isn't he gorgeous? I'm really in love with this look, I'm happy to 'find' this again.
Connected to this, I want to tell you, that I'll do a collaboration with one of Rule Ent.'s dancers, Nonchi. :) I met her at Saturday for first, and both of us were pleased to finally meet each other~ I heard about her, that her choreo for the audition was the Tarantallegra's, and everyone called her the "Tarantallegra Girl" :D Ok, back to the main topic, so I was really interested in her talent and dance style, and we finally made a deal to do a collab. Soooo, I'll be back in time with a percious tarantallegra duo cover! Please keep looking forward to it my boos! :3
I'm really tired, I can't make  a deal with these early get ups in the morning, so I'm leaving now honeys!
Ah, almost forgot:

Music for you guys! :) Good night, sleep well!