2013. szeptember 7., szombat

Awesome stuffs Haul // I need your help guys!

Hi babies again  
I'm back with my new mini-haul. I found awesome stuffs for real! :3
Let's start!
 From left to the right: a new bottle of cottoncandy perfume (990 HUF from Douglas), the book Bel Ami in hungarian (2690 HUF from Libri), lower row: paper lashes (379 HUF from Rossmann (essence)), foundation sponge set (399 HUF from Rossmann (Beauty)), antibacterial hand disinfectant gel (599 HUF from Rossmann (HiGeen)), XXXL Shine invisible lipgloss (599 HUF from Rossmann (essence)).
The postcards, and the little circular mirror are from Portugal:) The mirror is from a castle in Aveiro ( I guess.. but I can't exactly remember:c), and the lady in its back is Dona Costanca de Noronha who was the King's second wife, and the King ordered to built that castle only for his lady :3

 And the fav item: the lashes! It's exactly looks like those that Jaejoong was wearing at his Mine album's photoshoot and I was in love with them, so I'm really happy because I found these beauties  :3
 So I asked our photographer if she could take some pictures of me in the style of these photos. I hope she would, i'm excited about that, and waiting for her answer. ^-^
Did you know these? I love them!

Aaaand, TVXQ's new clip has finally came out ! I love this clip, song and mostly the dance, even I planned to do this as my solo on the Mondocon (October 5!), but I can't because we should cut off my part from the performance if we want to upload that on YT because of avex's right's. I mean, they block and/or delete every video that include their auido-or picture files.:( I have to find another one..
Brr, but, back to this awesomeness: I love TVXQ's new concept!

I would be really happy and helped if you write some solo recommendations in comments for me ! I don't know what to dance, but it's really important for me.:)


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