2013. szeptember 5., csütörtök

Tarantallegra style!

Hi babybunnies! 
School has started, bleh.:( The school where i'm studying now.. eh, well... Ok, I don't want to say anything about it, i'll learn what I have to, and survive these 4 years successfully. 
Originally I wanted to write  a post about my holiday in Portugal, but I don't like those kind of  post so I don't do it :D And then, I planned to show you the shoes and rings that I've bought, so make an extra mini haul post, but I found these pictures, so.. Yeah, you know. :D

I made a make up tutorial vid in the summer but I still can't find a video maker that I can use to edit the video, so I brought pictures from it~
 I love this kind of make up!:)

And then, here's the mini haul:
 I needed a pair of new shoes for Autumn, and I choose this one, they're like Vans, lol, and will be cool for dance vids and covers too. They're really comfortable and cool.:) Love em!

 And my new rings! ♥ ( L and XL, lol, my fingers are really chubby.. I hate them:D ) I don't know if I said this before, but I'm really in love with rings. And since I'm again started to love Xia Junsu's Tarantallegra style, these rings are really match with that dark-mystic look. I also started to dress up in darker, less 'bitchy' clothes, like years ago, and I'm enjoying it again! My taste developed as well, so I won't do epic fails likeI did a few years before. I made a level up! :D

And, yes, as I said, he, and his Tarantallegra album is my inspiration nowadays in make up and in clothing as well.:) Isn't he gorgeous? I'm really in love with this look, I'm happy to 'find' this again.
Connected to this, I want to tell you, that I'll do a collaboration with one of Rule Ent.'s dancers, Nonchi. :) I met her at Saturday for first, and both of us were pleased to finally meet each other~ I heard about her, that her choreo for the audition was the Tarantallegra's, and everyone called her the "Tarantallegra Girl" :D Ok, back to the main topic, so I was really interested in her talent and dance style, and we finally made a deal to do a collab. Soooo, I'll be back in time with a percious tarantallegra duo cover! Please keep looking forward to it my boos! :3
I'm really tired, I can't make  a deal with these early get ups in the morning, so I'm leaving now honeys!
Ah, almost forgot:

Music for you guys! :) Good night, sleep well!


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