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GANGURO MAKE UP step by step

Hi bunnies!
I'm back and I made a ganguro make up 'tutorial' for you. It was so weird to apply 3-4 tones darker foundation and powder on my face, and I also was afraid of looking creepy in the end, but I think it doesn't looks that bad. I think I'll try it again at a Mondo or Anime Con or at an event like these  :)
Let's see!
I hope it helps to make your own ganguro make up. You can apply stickers, little fake flowers, or little strasses under your eyes if you want, or you can also use a vibrant eyeshadow color, like orange, pink, if you don't like 'panda-eyes'. This is just a base, that you can build on! :)

The products I used: 

A few more pics: 

Some tips: 
  •  If you use your lightest foundation or concealer on the top of the dark base on your nose and around your eyes, the white powder/eyeshadow's color will be stronger and it'll stay longer on your face! 
  •  I put on concelear, that white powder on my lips before i applied the lipstick and lipgloss. The color will be more lighter and also stays longer. :)
  • +1. If you want to go out in ganguro make up, don't forget to apply bronzainer or the dark foundation, that you used on your face, onto your neck and chest, or you would look hilarious. :)
Make up monster, lol 
And, as always, music for you guys:

I LOVE THIS!! I'll surely learn the dance, this is epic !!! :D ♥
I hope you liked this post! :)


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