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Hi babies! 
I'm here with a big-big haul post as i promised. ^^ I bought a lot of things, because there are very great sales everywhere, and the cold weather has also arrived, so I needed some new stuffs, like coat and boots, you know. :) I made a shop list, so there are some things on it still, like new foundation/BB Cream, mascara and a powder, but I'll buy it in close time.
Now let's start!
Firstly, my absolutely lovely high heeled boots! I got these from my stepmother, she's so kind! 
Honestly, I wanted this because we planned to dance BEG's Kill Bill on the MondoCon, and it's exactly that western style that the girls wears in the clip. Unfortunately we had  not performed that song, and I didn't wear them at our performance, but I still love it, it's so pretty and comfortable! ^-^
These are from Deichmann, and costed 9900 HUF.
I bought 8 T-shirts at New Yorker, because one only costed 290 HUF (!!!)(it's like 1$). I have worn two of them already, so I couldn't take a picture of them, but one of them is a large white T-shirt with small skulls on it, and the other one is a simple apple green t-shirt.
I got the high-waisted pants from my grandma, they're super pretty and comfortable, but I only can wear them with boots because it looks a bit strange on my shin, like it's too large or something. Whatever, i love it :D
 Also from the 290 HUF category.
 Aaand, I saw this coat it last week, and I fell in love, so my grandma sent money for me to buy it ~~~ Thanks granny, I love it so much! ♥ My size is M, but I bought the XL sized one, cuz I'm always freezing if the temperature is lower than 15 °C so I can wear even 5 sweaters and/or hoodies if I want and I won't cold no matter what. Muhahahahaha
It's from New Yroker too, and it's price was 9990 HUF.
I also wanted a big fluffy, soft scarf, so I bought this one in the Asia Center where I went on last Thursday with my team-mate, Nudi. It's price was 1500 HUF.
I'm sure that you guys already knew this, but I say it to you once more: there are a buy 2 get 3 sale in the claire's (!), so I bought those two necklaces, and the ribbon-ring, and cuz of the awesome sale, the price of these awesome stuff only was 1600 HUF. Anyway, I was with my dear friend, Denny, and her nickname was ZombieDenny for years, so she said I must bought it because of her, lol :D (OF COURSE HONEY, I LUWW YOU ! ♥ :D)
The gorgeous earrings are from New Yorker too (surprisee! :D), and I fell in love with them at first sight, and it was so useful, cuz it's match perfectly with my blue blazer, and was a part of my Xiah 'cosplay'. lol I mean, I did his solo dance named Fever from his Tarantallegra album, and I wanted to make an outfit inspired by that for the performance.
Random pic of my stuff lol ♥
I also bought new false lashes in the Asia Center :) The old ones are boring... Lol, now I have a huge falsie collection, I love them! :D There are no place in the bathroom cabinet for more falsies,  lol :| But it seems like we'll order Dolly Wink lashes, cuz it's way much cheaper if we order a lot of them. :3 And I won a contest by Wonderland Lens Shop, so I'll get sparkling Showmix lenses with 50% off from the original price. :3 I'm so happy I've never won anything until this owo Thank you, girls~ ! ♥

I'm ill again, so I have time, thus I'm planning to do a ganguro make up, and maybe a tutorial of it too tomorrow. :3 I hope you'll look forward to it ! ^^

And now, music for you:

I saw this at the Mondocon, and I loved it owo Luckily my friend remembered the name of the band, so I could find it at home ~3~
Oh, yes, anyone knows the name of the pretty singer? :D Let me know, I love him! :D

I'm coming back soon bunnies~ , take care! ♥


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