2013. október 27., vasárnap

Kim Jaejoong/MINE inspired photoshoot preview

Hi bunnies!
Finally we made the shoot that I told you about before. I got the pictures yesterday, but they are not edited yet, so I decided to show you just a little preview. :)
I enjoyed the shooting a lot, and Jana is still an awesome photographer, I love her work! :)
Please read my post about the shooting in the future, i'll tell you a lot more about it, and i'll share lot of pics! :)

ps: Tell me if you want a tutorial for this make up! :)

I'll be back soon!


2 megjegyzés:

  1. Ú WOW
    I can't speak English, but these pictures are very beautiful :DD <3

  2. You are way much better now than you were last time! :D <3

    Thank you honey ! ♥