2013. november 9., szombat


Hi bunnies! 
I just saw this lolita dress on Tumblr, and seriously, I haven't feel this toward a lolita dress since a long time ago, so I'm also very surprised, and also happy to get interested in lolita fashion again. It's not like that I don't like the style lately, I just didn't have the mood to wear lolita dresses and look exactly like a rococo princess, but I still did/do like it on others. But now!, it's my time in lolita style again :D
Oh, yes, and the dress because of this post was made:

It's Rose du Reve OP from Juliette et Justine !
Honestly, this dress is simply perfect, I feel like want to wear it every day, I want it soooo bad!

Look at those roses, and that perfect frilly ribbon on the waist! I'm also in love with it's color, even i don't know what kind of blue is this, lol :D Maybe royal blue? Idk

How the lace covers the undersirkt and also the frills in the bottom of the dress, and the bell shape in the end of the sleeve (idk how can i say it in english, loool. i can't express myself :DDD)
I'm crazy about this dresssss~~ ! ♥ 

Wearing it by a model. She's beautiful and looks very nice in this dress, but it admittely rather would look perfect on me ! :DDDDD - I know you all admit it don't dare to deny it lovebugs -


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