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♥ My idols/inspirations ♥

Hi bunnyboos! 
I think it's time (to let this diiiiieeeeee~~ - lol no) to introduce you my favorite artists, musicians, models who are my role models and/or who give me most of my inspiration in fashion, in dancing, and else.

I think everyone needs a hero, because the path is hard and long, and sometimes you feel you can't do it, or just need some more inspiration to exactly get to know what do to, and what you want. I don't mean it's bad if you are inspired only by yourself and you don't need help and idols to reach your goals, it's just ... easier? Not really, but well, i just can't express myself today, lol, idk And i think, if you have a role model infront of you, you also learn to respect someone for her/his talent and work. It's good.
So, now, no more never-ending sentence.
Here they are:

Let's begin with my one and only real role-model,
 Jung Yunho.
Of course he's my idol mostly because of dance, what is his real talent, but not only that. As some of you already know, dance is my life, and i want to be a coreographer, and be member of a really good dance group - so that's why he's inspiring and 'encouraging' me this much. But as I said, there are other reasons too, like his personality. I mean, of yours,e I don't know him in personal, but I see him as a very kind, polite, helpful, ambitious, talented person, who's also a perfect leader type. As all of you know, there are lot of shit that happens to stars, to idols, but he's still kind with his fans, polite with other people, also can be very humorous, helps his dongsaeng, and support them just like he support his group members, give advices to them, and  care about them. He's a very good leader, always does that is the best for the group, not just for himself, he's responsible and respectful. He's never sniffy or scornful, he's just kind and polite.
Just to talk about his dance skill, he's really a genius. He's in love with dance everytime he's on the stage, enjoying it and living in his moves. He's just really perfect. Someone from Make your move's cast said that Yunho is the first person who's a genius in dancing like Michael Jackson, that he saw. This person also said that Yunho is very hard-working, and it was very easy and enjoyable to work with him.:)
So, honestly, I really want to become like Yunho, to be professional in dancing, and be a better person, and be as strong as he is.
All I want to say to him, if I'll meet him in real, is a big thank you! ♥

Next topic is:
Inspirations in Gyaru

So, there are lot of models and bloggers, who are inspiring me, and i love them, but my biggest gyaru idol is Rina Sakurai, aka Sakurina! ♥ I love her style very much, she's still an 'oldschool' gyaru,  with that very strong and dark make up, and i also like her 'basic' gyaru clothes. You know, neon color, lace, belts, and golden chains, and things like that. I just adore her! ♥

But there are more like:
Nana Suzuki, who is really cute, and fashionable and adorable and alskdjakldla...

And (of course) Tsubasa Masuwaka. I know, it's mainstream, everyone loves her, but i can't do anything with it, if she's awesome and cute, then she is, i have to admit it. Also love Milky Bunny, but idk if it's just her stage name, or she has a band. (?) Well, whatever. She's awesomely cute.

And here's my two favorite gyaru bloggers who are inspiring me a lot too:
Her name is Natsu, and she's a hungarian gyaru. I don't know her in personal yet, but we talked for a few times, she's really kind and helpful, and also has a good sense of humor.:D I love her style, mostly the make up, her advices helped me a lot to make my own make up style in gyaru.

And the last one is Jojo, who's a gyaru from the Netherlands.  I just found her blog a few months ago, but i'm already in love with her style, and she also seem to be very kind. I love her entries, and stlye, and she's always so pretty ! ♥
I commend you tou follow her blog (and also Natsu's ~ ).
I don't think that you didn't know these persons, I just wanted to show you my insprations in my biggest addictions: dancing & gyaru

Who are your favorites? :) 


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