2013. december 27., péntek

Christmas ! ✦

Hey bunnies! ♥ 
Ahw, yes, we're finally survived the christmas misery (AWWW YEAAA), so now i have stuff and pictures to post them here haha
Just some pictures and else:
 Eh lol

Got these cuties from my fliffyfluffypuffycutie gyarugal, Gina ♥
She's so creative and talented ;; ♥
Thank you bb ♥

And, from my uncles i've got gift vouchers, so I went today to get my stuff haha lol
I started the tour at the tally weijl to buy a dress for new year's eve, but it seemed like they already didn't have the dress that i saw there earlier... i'm so sad, now i have no idea what to wear at the party :((
despite this of course i bought a fluffy cutie pinky warm sweater to make myself happy :D
Then we went to the Alexandra bookshop and after 30 minutes of searching (for mom: suffering) i've decided to buy these.
The first one is Lestat, the Vampire by Anne Rice, I've rread it before but I need this book in my room. In my life ♥ lol :D So, yepp, this is my favorite one from the Vampire Chronicles, Lestat's caharacter is a bit like mine ( of course he is so much more awesome and fantastic and wonderful and - ok, so, than me ) so he is my favorie. And Marius. And Armand. And - ok, i finish it :D:D:D:D:D (I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Anne is surely a genius. I love her characters)
The second one is a classical one, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. We all know him and his legendary Sherlock, I'm just in love with it, there's no need to say more ♥ ♥ ♥
Aaaand, the third one is about Sherlock Holmes too, by Andrew Lane. His Sherlock is 14 years old, and shows you the beginning of his path. I really like the character of the young Sherlock, it's really adorable. Can't wait to read it ♥

Xmas pics:
me with stepmother ♥

Bonus shitty shit just for fun, k
loooooooool me

Goodby babies, I'm comin' back soon!


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