2013. december 14., szombat

I have no life and I'm proud of it! - lolno

Hi babybunnies! 
It's just a quick post for you to leave a mark here that shows i'm alive lol. 
I'm so sorry, i know that i promised things that i still haven't done, but i promise again, i'll come back and bring interesting topics, cool hairstyles, inspiring pictures and flawless make ups to you, rigth after this insanity come to its end. I'm talking about Christmas, yes, our duo performance, New Year's Eve, studying to get better results in school and else.
Of course, I bought a lot of new clothes, accessories, and body, face & haircare items, I mean, really a LOT of them, so I can't show you all, but, there are some of my recent buys:
My new coat! 
It's  a bit short, I mean, I better like long coats for winter, because if the wheater is colder than 20 celsius, i'm freezing, lol
I found it at claire's and honestly i really shouldn't buy this one, because there are still some friends that i haven't bought present for yet, but whatever, this little cute poop is my new love (fuck you jaejoong i'm in love with this, k)
And finally i get this ... bun...bubble. wtfisthis, whatever, so i bought this thing to make a perfect bun, k. :D
aaaand, i found  i mean my dearest Denny found these lovely rubber rings for me. the flower is just the crown on the top of my wannabe-perffffffff bun haha
and my mommy suprised me with these big golden earrings, i love them, they're perfectly match with the bracelet that i got from Nudi, and the golden, studded cross ah ♥ #lifeisperfect
My new foundation (that almost reached its end.... RIP babe ♥) and my gorgeous and flower-smell rose red lipstick.
I ordered these trough my classmate, who's selling oriflame items, she'sabusinesswoman,lol , and i'm surprisingly very satisfied with them!
the foundation is perfect, match my skin color, it's not too fluent, gives a fine skin for everydays, and it's comfortable to wear. the only problem is maybe that it's a bit shiny for a few moments after you applied it onto your skin, but it dissappears lately.. I used it in the past month, and it's not a big tube so i think i should buy a new one.
So, from the left to the right:
Bodylotion with honeydew melon smell and with golden sparkles, i love it!, shampoo for dyed blonde hair, a few facemasks to problematic, sensible skin,
(down) new waterproof mascara by essence ( I love it!!!!!! it's pefect, and waterproof for real, and make my eyelashes look 3 times bigger!) NYC invisible lipgloss (it's got a mint flavour and makes a cold and a bit spiky feeling on your lips, i think it makes your lips look plumper . lovethistoo)
a skin-finish powder by NYC, i like it too, perfect for everydays, it's matching to my really white skin, but makes me look less pale than i am, so it's worth its price, and
finally, my totally cute rubber ring with that ribbon on it! the ribbon has little cherries on it, i'm dying out bcuz of cuteness lol
 Aaaaaand, here are my new nails! I'm totally in love with them, they are super lovely and sparkling hah ♥ Perfect for i'm-not-wearing-gyaru-makeup-everyday-but-i'm-still-a-gyaru gyarus :D:D:D:D

Lol I just ound this shit and it hought it's cute, whatever :D:D
another outfit picture
 I love those heels! ♥ 

A little Christmas feeling, and The City, with night lights. ♥ 

i'll come back, i promise, wait for me ♥ 

ps.: i think i'm in love with Tom Hiddleston.
k, k, don't look at me like this, i -i--ijust --- i've just stucked in the world of marvel movies, k
i know, but please forgive me foreverything, and


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