2014. április 22., kedd

Agent Lucius

Hi bunnies! ♥ 
I'm here again, as i promised, haha. I'm developing in reliability ( okay, at least i'm trying ). So, starting with our title, are you curious about Agent Lucius? Who is he? :) Kay, even if you're not curious, i'm telling you the story. :D
Agent Lucius is not an agent, despite the fact that he will always be on my side and he will have the chance to find out my secrets, if he arrives safely after he can be ordered. He's a BJD, and i hope there won't be a micro-cam in his eyes, and i'm not the target of the Chinese Maffia.
Back to the topic, yes; i've finally decided that I buy my first (and hopefully he's also the last) BJD. In the previous years, I've always watched them in amazement from safe distance. They scared me a bit, not because i'm the oh-my-god-these-are-alive-and-would-kill-me-in-my-sleep-but-they're-so-beautiful type of person, but i was afraid I couldn't take good care of them, I didn't even dare to hold them in my hands. But the ice started to crack in last summer, and then it finally broke now, after I spent a lot of time with my friends who have their own dolls. After a day spent with take pictures of their babies, I asked them to help me find a BJD.
It was really a torture, we were looking for the perfect doll for the character that lived in my mind for days, but it worth the time. I found him:
All credits to the rightful owner ! 
He's an Iplehouse EID Arvid (for some reasons my browser blocked the official Iplehouse page, so I can't show, and can't even see, the stock photos of him. this pic is from google). He had a rival, a Loongsoul Reno personally, but he won. We both know, that he'll be the winner, but it always takes time to make good choices :) His height is 73 cm, so he's quite tall, and have a really masculine figure. His face is really characteristic, a very good base for several variants, I was amazed when looking for pictures by those unique characters that he can personalize. I choose this picture, because Lucius' look and character will be similar to this beauty's. Maybe a bit more strict.
I want to order him in 6 months. He will have white/silver-like blonde hair, and greyish blue eyes. He's an elegant gentleman. A bit narcistic and evil, but a gentleman. His behind story is almost done in my head. You know i'm an amateur writer and he's character is really a recurrent persona in my stories under different names. He is like my male side (omg it really sounds strange), and I want to give him a body. :)

And here comes a summer for me, when I can't spend much money,  because I want my prince to come home :) ♥


2014. április 19., szombat

Hurry up and save me!

OMG it's been 2 bloody months since i haven't written even a line for you, shame on me, and I know these are not excuses, but I had to study, and now i'm in 2 dance groups and my traning is started too, so I've been really busy... But now, I want to come back and take care of my blog and of course my dear readers ♥
Ehrm, so..

Hi bunnies! ♥ 
I want to post some pictures and want-to-do stuff now, just to show something from my past 2 months when I haven't been posting X.X Let's get started!
Honestly I had no time for doing pretty gyaru make-ups and stuff, and when I did, I was in hurry so I forgot to take pcitures, but.. I want to show this one, because I think it's a bit different from my previous makeup looks and also looks cuter and more natural:
Tried to look like a 'new-wave' gyaru, since it's fashionable even in gyaru subculture to look more natural. I don't know, i like it on myself, but I prefer stronger make up looks, with thick fake lashes and black/ dark brown eyeshadows and/or eyelines. Oh, yes, and these are my new pair of  circle lenses. They're brown and glittery, and really really comfortable to wear! 
Also did this in the past, and I loved this makeup look! I wanted to be like a princess, I don't know if I reached my goal or not in your opinion, but I think it's pretty. I love the gold glitter eyeliner that I bought... I should buy another one, haha. /Without lenses and fake lashes/ 
Aaaaand, as some of you know, I'm in love with Shingeki no Kyojin, and I also want to do a scouting legion uniform-cosplay, and I finally ordered the cloak of the team. It's a funny story, because I've been searching for months to find the perfect material for the cloak, and I was going to do it by myself, I even bought the textile paints to make the logo, but those ones, that I liked was very expensive (like 9000HUF/meter {which is about 45$}), and the cheaper ones were not the right type, so I decided to buy it from ebay. It was a good decision! It's perfect, but it's one or two sizes bigger than me (yes, i know it's strange, it's just a cloak), because the shoulders are much wider than mines, so it's like i'm a swimmer or something, lol. Anyway, I'm happy with my treasure ♥

I don't know If you heard abot this, or not, but TeenTop is on a World Tour, and our little country get a place on the list too. As a big kpop fan, i obviously was there, and it was fantastic (!!!!444!!44!), even i'm not an Angel (their fandom name:)). It was sooo interesting and exciting to see a kpop show in real, how they performed the choreographies was so professional, and it was a pleasure to hear their voices in real life. I didn't liked the ballads, they were boring in my opinion, but it's just me, I neither like the ballad songs of my favorite performers, so it's not surprising. But, after all, THANK YOU SO MUCH TEENTOP, FOR COMING TO OUR COUNTRY!  ♥ ♥ I hope the guys also enjoyed their time here. They came back twice to the stage, and they were speaking hungarian a lot, it was so lovely. They must like us. They must! * mumbling voodoo spells to force other kpop bands to come here *
This was my look for the concert
That's all for today, and be sure you check my blog more often from now on, because i'm coming back! ;3 ♥ 

Take care!