2014. május 21., szerda


Hi bunnies! 
How are you doing? I'm very happy now, becuse my mom has arrived a few days ago (she works abroad), and I spent a few days with her. No, don't go, stay with me honey, this post is not about my family life, or any other boring things, of course. It's a HAUL POST again, after a very long time! And I mentioned my mother (cuz I love her♥), because she got me a few things froooooom Victoria's Secret PINK shop! 
I told her that I love the stuffs there and she surprised me with these lovelies. So, let's see! 
This bikini is the first one. I love its colour, and I didn't even told mom to buy me a new one, but she did. She's so cute! ♥ The towel is also Victoria's Secret as you see, but it was a present by the company, cuz she bought  a lot of things. I think it's cool that they give extra presents like a brand towel, cuz, you know, who the f*ck would buy a towel for 40$ ? I definitely wouldn't, but it's cool that I have one, lol.
There are my three tops, and the one for exercise, and also a lol i don't know how it's called, but, you know, pants for exercising or dancing or.. you know, those baggy sport pants, idk :D(sweat pants? lol) but that's the gray one with the love pink title. The third top is not white, it's a very light mint colour, anyway. I love them!
We bought these few things here, at Hungary, but I love them, they're comfy and very lovely! ♥ The rosy skirt and top, and the mint coloured short shirt are from New Yorker (they've got a lot of cute and cool clothes now, you should check them ! ) and the mint lace skirt is from Tally Weijl. I had to spend the money that was on my present-card, because its expiration date is on the 1st of June, so I bought this cutie.
Aaaand, there are the stuffs that I actually told mother to buy; a textile bag from Pink, and a Naked 1 palette. I've been using the palette for 3 days now, and I swear, it totally worth its price! It's perfect, I'm in love with this omggggg ajksjkalca~ I'm planning on making a basic-everyday makeup tutorial (just because there are not enough cool basic makeup tutorials already lol).
The bag is strong, and I love its colour, aaaand the best about this bag is that I don't have to bring other packets with me for my food and sweatsuit and trainers anymore, because it's big enough to put all my stuffs in this.
The perfume is another present from my mom, cuz she knows that I love sweet-flowery-and cottoncandy-like scents, so she bought for me this one too.

I hope you enjoyed this post, because, to be honest, I loooove making haul posts!
How about your spring/summer-shoppings? Have you bought your dream bikini for this summer yet? 

Take care!